First-degree murder, a handy diagram

A mini-debate was sparked in the Twittersphere on Tuesday after the arrest of Thomas Brine, 25, in connection to the death of Elizabeth Lafantaisie. The Senior’s body was found inside the trunk of her car last week in Winnipeg.

Police say the killing was random, but the charge is first-degree murder.

To many, that charge suggests planning and premeditation.

But really, the charge has a lot of different facets to it.

A handy chart explains what I mean.


The general consensus is that police believe Lafantaisie died in the course of being confined, and therefore is murder in the first degree.

However, without more info on the facts of the case (and I’m sure those will come in short order), it’s impossible to say for sure.

Statement from Elizabeth Lafantaisie’s family:

The family of Elizabeth Lafantaisie has prepared the following statement with a request that it be forwarded to all media agencies:

Any info on her death can be called into 786-TIPS (8477)

As provided through police Monday morning from the family of a woman killed and stuffed into the trunk of her car:

We are deeply saddened and shocked at what can only be described as the tragic and senseless death of our mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother. We cannot put words to our pain, only to say that she did not deserve to die in this way. We can only hope that in her final hours she didn’t suffer.

Our heartfelt and deepest thanks go out to the men and women of the Winnipeg Police Service who worked tirelessly to find her and bring her back to us. As we now prepare to lay her to rest, our thoughts and prayers go out to those same men and women who continue to search for her killer.

We are also very thankful to everyone else who made an effort to find our mother.

We only ask that if anyone has any information that can help bring her killer to justice that they call either the police or crimestoppers.

The family has asked for privacy. Police have no updates, but have asked the public for help.
This is her car, as found on Lewis Avenue near Osborne Village last Wednesday:

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix