Illuminating the darkest corners

How lit up is your neighbourhood? (and not by gunfire)

How much crime takes place there?

And is there the possibility that a $1 lightbulb costing pennies a day to light up could have prevented it — or at least, helped the police in their efforts to nab a suspect?

I think a night time lighting survey of the city’s high-crime areas may be in order.

Until then, I leave you with this, from the good folks at the Toronto Star:

Toronto Police illuminate the city’s darkest corners –

The TPS also provides a handy primer on CPTED, one of the more progressive areas of policing. Winnipeg police have 2-3 CPTED experts on the service (last I checked in early 2009), but their skills and knowledge are seldom — if ever —  talked about.

CPTED primer is here: cpted