James Turner is a crime journalist and journalism educator based in Winnipeg.

His work has appeared in publications across Canada, including the Globe and Mail, The Winnipeg Free Press, the National Post and other outlets.



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  1. Hello,

    In this 40 year old murder of an 11 year girl, it clearly indicates in what we read, that a coverup protected the killer. Do you know whom that person might have been?


    “One of the officers who originally interviewed the accused still believes political pressure was placed on Chief Parker to curtail the questioning.

    “The kid was ready to confess when we were told to stop,” said the cop, who is still incensed about curtailment. “We knew we had the right person and we were not allowed to do our jobs.”

    The officer was one of many who were stunned by the news in June 1972, that the murder charges had been stayed by the Crown.

    “Was it more political pressure?” wonders a former cop.”

  2. I was not able to listen to Mike this past sunday eve. Is there a blog or a written copy of the dialogue somewhere that I could read?
    Thank you for your assistance


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