I have no editorial comment to make on what follows. I’m not the hugest fan of ‘year end’ lists. But there were a number of notable justice-related events media reported on this year worthy of note (and according to a quick Infomart search, I reported on more than 400 times about them, not including blogs, briefs and social media). These are just what strike me as being the ones that stood out to me. And yes, I’m aware I’m going to miss a few *.

13. Mandatory minimums shot down by separate Manitoba judges in separate gun cases.

12. Both suspects accused in the brutal murder of Gerald Crayford convicted of murder, can’t avoid life sentences.  (Link to Judge Pollack’s great, great decision in the Dylan Sinclair youth case here).

11. Awasis CFS agency loses bid to try and have judge hearing Jaylene Redhead inquest (guess what — it’s still going!) removed.  Awasis initially launched an appeal of this decision only to withdraw it soon after.

10. Shawn Lamb gets potential 20 year sentence for killing Lorna Blacksmith and Carolyn Sinclair.

9. Myrna Letandre’s remains found in Lorne Avenue rooming house. She vanished in 2006. No word on any charges.

8. Expensive operational review of Winnipeg Police Service lands, is panned and quickly forgotten.  (there is some interesting stuff in the report, here: )

7. Public inquiry urged in case where man accused of homicide that wasn’t homicide (but he did assault the victim).

6. Natasha Moar domestic-violence homicide killing resolves, few notice or care.

5. Who killed Harry Gegwetch?

4. Police go after Mad Cowz street gang to thwart drug slinging in West End and downtown areas. (There’s too much to this story to do it justice in a simple blog post).

3. Mark Grant’s conviction for the murder of Candace Derksen overturned, Crown now before the Supreme Court of Canada in hopes of reversing that decision.

 2. Teen gets 10 years as an adult for horrific rape of innocent woman in her home. Long, drawn out case. Horrible facts, great lawyering on all sides.

 1. Spree rapist Peter Laporte declared dangerous offender, handed indefinite prison term.


1] Darrell “Mr. JetzTV” Ackman reps himself at a bail hearing and fails.

2] Natasha Moar homicide: an accounting and some questions.

3] Roulette Trial: Murder most foul and we don’t care.

4] CFS: Communication breakdown 

5] Catch and release: Notes on the Samantha Anderson homicide

Thanks to readers for the feedback and eyeballs over 2013. More to come.

(* I will not revisit the Gibson child-homicide case in this forum.)

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