(Ian Jackson MacDonald and his daughters/James Turner)

Ian Jackson MacDonald’s comments upon leaving the Remand Centre Wednesday afternoon:

(MacDonald, affectionately known as ‘Big Mac’ or ‘Whitey’ has faced the music for his role in plotting to import large amounts  — the Crown called them ‘bales’ — of weed into Manitoba in the late 70’s. U.S. Marshals nabbed him in November, in Florida, after 30 yrs on the run. The drug investigation reached into the Manitoba Legislature with MLA Bob Wilson being indicted and sent to prison for his role. The case is so old that the trial transcripts were typed with a manual typewriter using onion-skin paper, just to give you an example of the history.)

On getting out after months of being locked up, sick with cancer and several other ailments that have greatly reduced his life expectancy:

“It felt like a great relief to get out in the sunshine and out of the nasty air conditioning in that building.”

”We’re doing OK. I’ve never been in jail before, never had a criminal record before – so this is all something very new to me. That’s about it.”

On being reunited with his kids – who he didn’t see for three decades after choosing to go on the lam:

“It feels great. They’re my daughters, they’re my buddies…they’ve come from California, from LA to fix me up, to look after me…I have a family again.”

His reaction to the two-year house arrest sentence handed to him – one carefully negotiated by the highest levels of the federal Justice department and his own lawyer, Sheldon Pinx:

“It’s amazing, for such a little amount of substance that, uh, they take a 93-year-old man and boy, they’re sure giving it to me.”

On saying on prior occasions that former MLA Bob Wilson is innocent:

”I’m starting to wonder about that.”

(Gets cut off by daughters and whisked away.)

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