(The faces of Steppan/Koltusky)

Note from the Manitoba Integrated High-Risk Sex Offenders Unit today:

Kevin Steppan has changed his name to Timothy Koltusky and is about to walk out of prison.

The long-term offender, 26, was released last August, and at some point recently re-arrested.

Police didn’t announce his rearrest.


KOLTUSKY will be released from Stony Mountain Institution on April 30, 2011. He is expected to take up residence in Winnipeg.
KOLTUSKY has previous convictions for Sexual Assault with a Weapon as well as many other criminal offences. Although KOLTUSKY participated in sex offender treatment programs while in prison, he is still considered high risk to re-offend. Females are at risk of sexual violence.
A notification was provided in August 2010 for Kevin Scott STEPPAN. STEPPAN has legally changed his name to Timothy Frederick KOLTUSKY. His Long Term Supervision Order was revoked 90 days ago for failing to follow instructions by his Parole Officer.
You can read all about Steppan by clicking through the link.
Or here, and here.
Complete details of his history and background are in this PDF

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