As the city continues its study of the possibility of stopping the practice of street-median panhandling, I’ve heard rumblings that a compromise may be in the works that would allow the practice to continue, conditionally.

Instead of stopping the practice completely, panhandlers who stand on medians or otherwise enter the roadways to solicit donations, may be forced to wear bright orange safety vests in order to operate.

This according to a self-described veteran panhandler I had a conversation with at the courthouse on Monday.

He was there to pay a police-issued ticket he was handed for soliciting from drivers.

He said he was okay with the idea, as long it allowed him to continue to make a living.

4 thoughts on “Panhandlers may have to wear vests

  1. I keep thinking the whole idea has to do with liability. If the city can prove it did what it could to keep the roads reasonably safe, then it can’t be on the hook for lawsuits when a panhandler gets smoked by a driver, or slips on the curb, or whatever.

  2. “He said he was okay with the idea, as long it allowed him to continue to make a living”

    WTF? If this guy collected $1 of welfare he should be thrown in jail for stealing from the tax payer!

  3. Being a bum and impeding traffic is in no way making a living. I rag out the idiots who give these bottom feeders money, as it is the real reason for the problem. When you can pick up a couple of hundred bucks tax free, then go suck a little more out of the welfare system, why would you get a job and contribute to the country’s GDP?
    Stop feeding the animals, and they will forage for themselves. If these people need to boost their own self esteem, they should volunteer at the local charity or youth center.

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