As noted: there’s been another seemingly random sexual assault in the North End.

This would be the fifth in the city – the fourth in the area – in the last month or so that police have reported on.

The only upshot – if it could be considered one – is that by the sounds of it, it’s not the same suspect.

But still, police are reporting these attacks and never providing updates to them.

Maybe they should start to.

8 thoughts on “North End sex attacks

  1. It is kind of puzzling why there isn’t more updates on crime. The list of unsolved violent appears to be growing but there the information needed to help collect evidence hasn’t kept pace.

  2. ha Sorry, I have a cold today. That should have read: “aren’t more updates” and “violent crime.”

    Also, I’m curious as to why there seem to be different spokesmen for the police when reporters get briefed. Who exactly is tasked for crime briefings?

  3. John: The WPS has a Public Information Unit that is staffed with two full-time uniformed officers and an assistant who acts as the gatekeeper for all requests for info.

    The officers are Consts. Jason Michalyshen and Natalie Aitken.

    They work in regular police shifts of 4 days on, 4 off, with call-outs as necessary.

    There are one or two other officers who fill in as necessary. Lately it’s been Const. Robert Carver, but sometimes Consts. Chris Wingfield, Jeff Norman as well.

    However, media have access to the WPS Duty office in the late evening or early morning hours. The duty office essentially ‘quarterbacks’ what the patrol cars are doing on the street at all times of day. Media are allowed to call this office at certain times only for updates on things happening that day.

  4. And I have to ask — when you say ‘more updates’ do you mean updates on highly-publicized things that crop up for a couple of days and then seemingly vanish or general ‘state of the city’ type updates?

  5. Thanks. I think I have seen pretty much all of the spokes officers you mentioned. I just didn’t know who was tasked to do the job full-time.

    And yes, I am referring to how certain cases of a serious nature often seem to drop off the radar. Many times I am left wondering why there are no updates.

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