Winnipeg Cat, Oct. 27, 2010

1] A concurrent and unifying theme in Winnipeg’s alternative media: Over the past few months, there’s been an esprit de corps among Winnipeg bloggers, social-networkers and (dare I say it) select members of the mainstream media. While many seem to have their own leanings in terms of the issues, I’m going to miss the diversity of opinion and criticism surrounding the mayoral and candidates (non)campaigns.

2] #wpgvotes on Twitter: I guess tomorrow it would be safe to start #mbvotes, given the provincial campaign machinery will now be grinding forward (federal byelection excepted) — especially, I hope, for the Progressive Conservatives. They have a lot of policy work to do to garner people’s votes and imaginations in 2011, I think. Anyhow, #wpgvotes was a good time. See ya in 2014, if anyones still using Twitter.

3] Daily doses of sarcasm from @bkives in the pages of the Winnipeg Free Press and elsewhere.

4] Commentary like today’s Winnipeg Cat. Enough said. But, my own contribution appeared the other day, a proud moment for me…

5] Former police department mucky-mucks weighing in on the platforms. Funny how both Cassels and Zacharias are opposed to Katz. Interesting stuff, if one properly considers the source. I found Cassels’s comments and endorsement interesting — if not somewhat jarring or unfair — given that the landscape of crime in the city has so drastically changed since he was chief.

6] Someone, please buy Brian Kelcey a drink as a reward for all the intelligent banter!

7] Having to spell Wasylycia-Leis at 20 times a day for the last month. Even if she’s mayor after tonight, That ratio should drop considerably.

8] Probably my most favorite thing about this election — and it’s my bias, I admit — has been hearing the content of the crime debate. Winnipeg has a problem. I’m just not so sure we’ve heard that the leadership knows (or will admit) what the problem actually is. Disheartening, but at least it frames one’s expectations. Lingering question raised by Menno on Tuesday: Why hasn’t Katz — or better yet,  Scott Fielding — trumpeted the CCTV project?

9] #kickskids

10] Public candidates forums. I love watching them and attending them.

Perverse, I know.

Now go and vote, if you haven’t already.

And may the WPS quickly catch the North End’s Saturday Shooter.


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