Today was voting day for me.

Wanted to be one of the record number who turned out early this year to do it.

Not gonna share who got my ink dots, but glad I did it.

The woman behind me in line was telling the volunteer that she didn’t vote in ’06, but really wanted to make sure she did this year. She didn’t elaborate why.

I started thinking about what I actually knew about the mayoral candidates and their platforms on my way to City Hall today. Then I got worried because I’ve been writing stories consistently for a month about Sam, Judy et al. and this is what I could remember.

Stream of consciousness for accuracy


more police but no pricetag there’ll be a helicopter soon police association endorsement like those guys contract is up soon i think parking lots downtown do i care about surface parking damn parking boxes don’t always work didn’t sam say he didn’t like spending money on parties ciclovia numbers are inflated i think poll numbers say it close but what does that mean the streets in this city suck they’re really awful recruits graduating today haircut he wears that purple blazer but it suits him veolia is overblown how else will we find billion for sewer selinger isn’t likely to give up revenue now that hes gotta pay for all those new prosecutors has sam ever listened to a police scanner after midnight on a saturday is the ambulance issue overblown why doesn’t wrha fix the problem


don’t know much about her apparently soft on crime how will police react if she wins can she work with police how much is hidden vision is great but does she know how city hall works seems very charismatic talks with hands a lot transparency is a problem tired from spelling her name powerline come on really specifics i’d like more of them but maybe change would be good how long is four years really will the city ever get better property tax raise i can live with but parkade plan and wpa seems lowballed at least she shows up to things pensions

Then I went in and voted. Then I got that haircut.

Then I took some photos to relax.

First: Construction is well underway on the so-called ‘half-signal’ at Wardlaw and Osborne:

Next, it seems South Osborne is getting a paint job – and is a fixture of the community — Woo’s Cafe — no longer?

Then, feeling that chill in the air coming from the north, I went to shoot what may be some of the final fall colours of the year.

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