Mohamed Jama has been deported to Somalia

While The Winnipeg Sun’s Tom Brodbeck criticizes CBC and says the broadcaster was “duped” in reporting on the story surrounding Mohamed Jama’s removal from Canada, I wonder if he actually read the official statement from the federal government trumpeting the CBSA’s work on this file?

Full release is here, but I want to point your attention to the blatant lie of omission buried within this paragraph:

Jama has a long history of violence in Canada and was ordered deported in 2007. Based on the seriousness of his criminal history and violent nature, he was subsequently found to be a danger to the public in Canada in 2008. He remained in CBSA custody in the months leading up to his removal from Canada.

There’s no mention of how the botched first attempt by the CBSA to deport Jama in 2009 became a PR nightmare — one that Brodbeck himself took delight in reporting on.

Estimates put the cost of the botched removal at about $50,000.

There’s also no mention about how after that failure, Jama was released on bail by the Immigration and Refugee Board, only to flee custody and be arrested by the WPS in the company of a criminal with organized-crime ties.

The feds — including the CBSA, the IRB and, to a lesser degree, the public safety minister’s office — screwed this up royally.

But why criticize them for misleading the public when its much easier to slam CBC?

A news agency reporting on supposed mistakes or errors made by another is cheap.

Note that Brodbeck, in slamming CBC, didn’t have the nerve to pick up the phone to call and see if his own reporting about CBC’s supposed lack of fact-checking was at all accurate.

Glass houses and all, Tom.


[UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: I’ve had an email or two suggesting that I was the CBC staffer who did the Jama stories resulting in Brodbeck’s column today. I have not been at work since last Friday, so I can’t even say who did do them.]

4 thoughts on “CBC ‘duped’ by Jama, but Brodbeck gives the feds a pass

  1. James, I was directed to this site. If you’re at all interested in having a real debate on this issue, I challenge you to submit your arguments to my blog Raise a Little Hell at Do you have the journalistic gonads to engage on this topic? I hope you do and I look forward to a spirited debate. If you would prefer some other venue, please advise.
    I would like to hear your defence — if there is one — on how the CBC took the word of a repeat, violent criminal refugee on the phone from Bosaso, Somalia on how he was supposedly under siege from gun-toting “extremists” and turned his tale into a hard news story. I think that would be a very interesting journalistic conversation. You up for it, James? You can contact me any way you please. I look forward to the debate.

    Tom Brodbeck

  2. James, actually, I challenge you to bring me on the CBC airwaves and you and I — or anyone else from the CBC if you don’t feel qualified — can have a debate on this story. I would be extremely happy to have a public debate on how the CBC reported on the deportation of Mohamed Jama. Is the CBC prepared to defend its record?

    any time,

  3. tom …. i am writing to you,concerning miss g which happens to be my sister.we are happy that her son is okay,thank god.. but we have abit of the problem with donna (miss g )she practicularly said on national t.v.she felt victimized by us the family and cfs.we were always there for her,even thou 14 years ago this was a humiliating experience.and now she’s changed.we don’t think so,because after having the miracle baby she went on to having more babies from different guys,her younger children which today are (fas)special needs probably drug/alcohol related.and she’s been reported to cfs for neglect of her children.and her 12 year old daughter has posted a suicide note on face book,as she’s mostly left to care for her 2 yr old baby sister while donna is out doing whatever..her daughter is afraid to tell the truth of why she tried to end her life.child protection was informed and they had her monitored her goings and coming ins.somehow she knew..for the past year she’s been trying to set up a rally against cfs blaming them for what appened to her 14 years ago..yet cfs had been there providing services all this time. and she ends up saying cfs had victimized her.donna is always looking for someone to blame for her bad choices.this is far from a happy ending because she still has alot of issues.she should just accept her bad choices and move on,instead of blaming others.she should have thanked cfs for always being there for her.bowing to her every this the thanks cfs gets from her?

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