H/t to CBC’s Sean Kavanagh who asked Winnipeg police chief Keith McCaskill about the picture being used by Sam Katz’ reelection team that depicts he – in full uniform no less –  and the incumbent Katz mugging for the camera.

Here’s the chief’s response, in full:

As police chief, I don’t believe I should be endorsing anybody. The idea – I’m here as an employee of the City of Winnipeg, running the police service. My job is to do the best I can for the citizens of Winnipeg.

There’s an election campaign on now and whoever’s successful is successful. I’m pleased with what’s been happening for the past while, but, there’s two people running and we’ll see who wins. And at the end of the day, the public decides, not me.

Q: Have you been contacted by political campaigns for permission to use your image?

I haven’t been yet by anybody. I certainly have been approached by a lot of people running for council and asking my opinion on things and I give it to them. If anybody asks my opinion on things I give it to them, and I will continue to do that.

…And I work with the councillors at the City of Winnipeg and regularly ask my opinion on things and I give it to them. And I should. I think that’s my role. But I don’t endorse anybody.

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