About two weeks ago, there’s a home invasion style robbery attempt on Logan. Quickly, police moved in to arrest suspects.

Here’s what the Winnipeg Sun reported:

Police have arrested four people in relation to an armed home invasion in the Weston neighbourhood Saturday afternoon.

No charges had been laid Sunday as police continued to investigate the incident that saw a group of armed males burst into the home in the 1300-block of Logan Avenue between Electra and Weston streets about 2:30 p.m.

A young boy was present in the home when police, including a canine unit, were on scene.

In an incident police said was related to the home invasion, officers later stopped a vehicle at gunpoint in the 500-block of Alfred Avenue and then entered a home on the same street that was shot up early July 17. In that incident, a 20-year-old was wounded and treated in hospital.

Here’s what you weren’t told:

According to a recent court hearing, the offenders involved are high-ranking Indian Posse street gang associates who believed they could target the home and rob the people who live there of “whatever they can get,” according to the Crown.

Two of them go in the house with a bat and a machete.

A third, a 17-year-old, stands on the stoop wearing surgical gloves.

In one hand he holds a silver handgun.

“I’m here to jack you,” he says, according to witness accounts.

A fourth man, accused of acting as a lookout for the trio sits in a nearby car.

The people inside yell for the men to get out, and by sheer chance, nobody was hurt.

They’re later arrested. All but one, the lookout driver remain in jail, for now.

I only point this out to say that it’s notable the youngest of the three armed people is a teen boy, a gangster, who’s obviously smart enough to not get his prints on the gun.

Anyone who needs proof that the street gangs use their youngest members to commit the most serious of crimes, here it is.

Not that you needed it.

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