Kevin Steppan

He should need no introduction, but Kevin Steppan is released from Headingley jail today.

You can read all about Steppan’s misdeeds and ugly sex crimes by a simple Google search.

But should you be interested in learning why a judge ruled he was not a dangerous offender [and therefore subject to indefinite detention], I present that decision here in its entirety.

Giesbrecht, PJ decision on Steppan, Feb 18, 2010 [PDF]

Happy reading. It’s fascinating stuff.

Steppan is expected to return to Winnipeg.

2 thoughts on “All about Steppan

  1. can you imagine what it was like finding out the guy your about to marry is a rapist? can you believe how you feel when he calls you telling you that hes done something bad but hes coming home to you and the unborn kid your carring? then tells you for years that he loves you and he’ll care for you till he dies..even though hes in jail…then on the day hes released dont even call or write or nothing…… he did it to my friend and shes heart broken that she believed him after all that time after all that pain…. sit on it and rotate ***hole

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