Mike Allan in an undated photo with his beloved dog. Family Photo/James Turner/CBC

Hello James,

I know you have been talking to my sister … and her husband Merv and I have been reading all your reports. As usual this morning I woke up thinking about everything that has happened and all that follows was in my head.

Feel free to get back to me by email if you wish and to publish any of this that you want to.

I am Michael Allan’s other sister.  He was my little brother that I always protected when we were kids.  This time I couldn’t protect him.

As you know Michael was viciously and horribly murdered on July 31st.

My brother was proud to be a Canadian.  He went to his grave wrapped in a symbol of our flag.  But his country let him down.

Michael was also a supporter of the NDP.  But his government let him down.

Michael was very interested in people and always tried to help them.  In the end, a person let him down.

My brother had at one time worked for Meals on Wheels.  He did volunteer work for the Salvation Army.  He loved to talk to people.  He was an extremely intelligent man.  When we were in high school the principal told my mother that he had the highest IQ in the school.  He could talk on any subject to anyone at any level.

Not any more.

Michael was suffering from a lung disease that he was slowly recovering from.  He had improved enough that he was able to walk the few blocks from his house to my sister’s house.  Now he will never be able to do that again.  He was not well enough that he would have been able to protect himself from an attacker.

My sister, my son (Michael’s nephew), and I bought the house he was living in for him so that he could live near my sister and be safe.  How ironic.  Our hope was that my sister would be nearby, make sure he ate well, all the things that sisters do.  Now we are left without a brother but with a house that will probably cost us thousands of dollars in repairs due to what the killer did.

My brother loved his gardens and his two cats.  His gardens are about ready for harvest and he is not there to see it.  His two cats are languishing and lonely in a cage at a shelter.  While we are grateful to the shelter for taking them in it is no place for his beloved cats to live out their lives.  They are not even 2 years old yet.

They are waiting for someone to take them in, together, where they will be loved again in a forever home.

Are we angry with ‘the system’?  Definitely yes.

Do we wish something can be done about it?  Of course, yes.  Do we have trouble sleeping because of the things we know were done to Michael when he was murdered?

Again yes.  A lot of the horror has never been published.

Mostly we miss Michael.


Elaine Allan Rempel


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