Oh, what a week it’s been.


[PUBLIC HOLIDAY, COURTS CLOSED] No Briefing. Media were e-mailed a notification that sex offender Winston George Thomas was slated for release and due to take up residence in the city.


Media briefing held. 5 things on the docket – a cadet recruit class application notification, a strong arm robbery arrest, two police vehicle chases [one in which a guy was shocked with a Taser] and ag assault with a weapon arrest.

Now, on the adult criminal intake docket [people arrested and locked up] from the weekend – does not include domestic violence-related arrests, youths arrested or people arrested and released on a promise to appear. Neither does it include RCMP arrests resulting in people being locked up in Winnipeg, which show up on the docket.

[For brevities sake: PO = probation order; recog = bail]

Catch and release? Here’s proof. What a weekend it was for that, and crime overall. This seems more than usual because courts were closed on Monday.

  • Male, aggravated assault [not released]
  • Male, fail POx2
  • Female, fail recog x2
  • Male, fail recog (on charge for public indecency and possession of weapon dangerous)
  • Male, robbery with firearm, 8x weapons offences [police released on this]
  • Male, robbery with firearm, weapons offences, fail conditions of prior release
  • Female, assault
  • Female, fail PO
  • Male, fail release conditions x2, fail abstain alcohol
  • Male, utter threats
  • Male, assault peace officer
  • Male, fail PO, theft over $5,000 [vehicle], house break enter and theft, drunk driving, operate over .08
  • Male, HTA
  • Female, fail bail conditions – abstain
  • Male, assault peace officer, fail PO
  • Male, fail POx2
  • Male, fail to attend court
  • Male, fail POx2 – 3x HTA [arrested during traffic stop]
  • Male, fail report bail supervision
  • Male, fail conditions of youth sentence, fail POx2, mischief under $5,000 x2
  • Male, fail recog x2
  • Male, drug trafficking, possession of property obtained by crime, fail youth sentence x2
  • Male, fail recog x2
  • Female, theft under $5,000, mischief under $5,000, assault
  • Male, fail report bail supervision, fail attend court
  • Male, fail PO
  • Male, fail bail conditions
  • Female, utter threats
  • Female, fail conditions, fail PO, fail attend court
  • Male, possess weapon dangerous, violation of court ordered weapons ban, 7x conditional sentence breach
  • Male, Assault, carry concealed weapon, utter threats, point firearm, possession dangerous – wanted on aggravated assault from June 19 [home invasion] Police released on this
  • Male, robbery with imitation weapon x3, possess weapon dangerous
  • Male, robbery with firearm, fraud under $5,000
  • Male, fail PO, carry conceal, possess weapon dangerous, fail bail condition, HTA
  • Male, assault, utter threats, cause public disturbance
  • Male, fail report bail supervision
  • Female, house break and enter with intent to commit robbery or violence
  • Male, fail POx2
  • Male, fail POx2
  • Female, Murder 2nd degree, aggravated assault, fail report bail supervision, fail attend court, fail bail x5 [Police released on this – it’s the woman accused of killing Mike Allan – tons on this here in prior posts]
  • Male, fail attend (pending on mischief/damage to car over $5,000, possess weapon dangerous
  • Male, drunk-driving, fail stop scene of an accident, HTA, alc over .08
  • Male, fail report bail supervision
  • Male, carry conceal, assault with weapon, possess weapon dangerous
  • Female, assault, obstruct peace officer (pending on a theft under warrant from 2005 and 3x fail attend breaches)
  • Male, drive dangerous, obstruct peace officer, flight from police, fail PO, HTA x2 (pending on assault w/weapon cause bodily harm x2, fail PO and uttering threats)
  • Female, assault x2 (pending on 4x fail bail conditions)
  • Male, fail bail

There was also, I should note, a fatal drunk-driving-related crash in Berens River that RCMP did not release on. Happened on Saturday – no comment from RCMP even when requested on Tuesday.

Five days after, they issue an emailed statement that was hella confusing.


No media briefing, but info e-mailed out. On the sheet is: A commercial robbery [request for assistance/info], an assault with a weapon [request for assistance] and a missing person [request for assistance]. No arrests are announced.

Now, on the adult criminal intake docket [people arrested and locked up] from the weekend – does not include domestic violence-related arrests, youths arrested or people arrested and released on a promise to appear. Neither does it include RCMP arrests resulting in people being locked up in Winnipeg, which show up on the docket.

  • Male, 2x fail conditional sentence
  • Male, uttering threats x8, fail restraining order [non-domestic] x4, fail bail x3, use firearm, carry conceal, possession for dangerous purpose
  • Male, mischief to property under $5,000, possess break in tools, possession weapon for danger. purp, possession of stolen car, fail probation, possess property obtained by crime under $5,000
  • Female, flight from PO, operate disqualified, fail conditional sentence x2
  • Female, assault cause bodily harm x2, fail bail
  • Male, 2x fail bail conditions … pending on house break/enter commit mischief, counterfeiting, forgery x2, credit card fraud, counterfeiting [possess counterfeit markings], forgery [obtained by instrument based on forged document] and fail to attend court
  • Male, utter threats, fail PO x2, fail release from police custody x3
  • Male, assault cause bodily harm, assault, fail PO x4, utter threats x2, fail bail x4 [including not possess weapons]
  • Male, 4x possession purpose trafficking, possession of criminal property under $5,000 [drug money], careless shipping of a firearm, possession dangerous purpose, 3x unauthorized possession, 5x bail breaches [pending on robbery with a weapon, mischief, unauthorized possession, possess weapon for dangerous purpose
  • Male, 6x fail youth sentence [four for being in car when not allowed to be], HTA, drive dangerous, flight from PO, theft of car, theft of car
  • Female [this one’s interesting, upcoming blog] 9x HTA – mostly driving disqualified in span of a few months – and a PO breach for a drug conviction


Media briefing held, an inspector is made available to talk about new federal legislation regarding criminal organizations/and the daily blotter is about a commercial robbery, a ‘foot pursuit’ arrest and a break and enter.

Now, on the adult criminal intake docket [people arrested and locked up] from the weekend – does not include domestic violence-related arrests, youths arrested or people arrested and released on a promise to appear. Neither does it include RCMP arrests resulting in people being locked up in Winnipeg, which show up on the docket.

  • Male, fail PO x2, possession of stolen car, possess criminal property x2, flight PO, personation ID fraud, drug possession x2 and 3x HTA [police released on this – the ‘foot pursuit’ arrest]
  • Male, fraud, obtain credit fraudulently under $5,000, fraud under $5,000 x2, fail POx3
  • Male, fail attend
  • Male, fail attend court, fail bail [pending on possess stolen car and break, enter and theft]
  • Male, fail PO
  • Male, (Gene Malcolm) drug trafficking, possess property obtained by crime, 3x fail bail, 6x weapons charges [a firearm]
  • Male, assault PO, assault, obstruction, resist PO, fail youth sentence
  • Male, fail bail
  • Female, theft under $5,000, fail bail x2, fail youth sentence x2


Media briefing is held: on the list is … a homicide, a shooting, a commercial robbery arrest and an assault arrest.

Now, on the adult criminal intake docket [people arrested and locked up] from the weekend – does not include domestic violence-related arrests, youths arrested or people arrested and released on a promise to appear. Neither does it include RCMP arrests resulting in people being locked up in Winnipeg, which show up on the docket.

  • Male, 2 x bail breach, possess weapon x2 [pending on 3x breach, fail attend court, assault with weapon, mischief to property under $5,000
  • Male, drug trafficking, possess criminal property under $5,000, possess firearm, careless storage, 2x weapons offence and mischief
  • Male, drug trafficking, possess criminal property $5,000, possess weapon dangerous, careless storage and 5x bail breaches
  • Female, drug trafficking, possess criminal property $5,000, possess weapon dangerous, careless storage and 3x bail breaches [is pending on weapons prohibition breach, drug trafficking and break, enter and theft
  • Male, house break enter with intent to commit an offence, possess break in tools, 2x bail breach
  • Female, drug possession, fail PO [pending on 2x fail youth sentence, discharge firearm with intent to wound [four-year mandatory minimum, aggravated assault, breach of court-order and weapons ban breach from Bloodvein…she was arrested Thursday in Winnipeg]
  • Male, assault PO, utter threats, mischief, cause disturbance [pending on assault, mischief and fail attend court]
  • Male, fail youth sentence x5, fail attend court
  • Female, theft under $5,000 x2, fail attend court and breach of bail
  • Female, breach bail x4 [pending on assault cause bodily harm, fail bail x2, breach court order and theft under $5,000 from 2007]
  • Male, HTA, drug-trafficking, attend court, bail breach x4
  • Male, theft under $5,000
  • Male, fail bail
  • Male, robbery with weapon, point firearm, 3x weapons offences
  • Male, uttering threats

Note: virtually every single person arrested this week and last weekend [and these are just scratching the surface] was out on bail or probation or other court-imposed conditions and is back in custody.

Is it any great mystery why morale in the system is so low? Why the system is so slow?

If I was a police officer, or probation official or Crown, I’d be beside myself.

It’s boom times for defence lawyers, if you can get the client to pay.

7 thoughts on “‘What the public doesn’t hear about’ project Week III

  1. The thing you have to keep in mind is for the most part, unless they are breaching a court order, they’re likely going to be released by police, so statistically, there will always be a high number of people that were on release or probation who show up on the bail docket. Sometimes the breach is that they didn’t tell the court office they moved, even though their probation officer knew where they were living.

    Alcoholics are frequently put on probation orders with abstain conditions. If police are called to a house for even a loud party, they’ll likely ID everyone and if Joe Blow was behaving but had a beer contrary to his order, it’s a breach PO charge, but does he necessarily need to go to jail for that? He might not even get a jail sentence upon conviction, so why does he need to spend the weekend in jail?

    Youth are frequently put on reside clauses (ESP runaways). They don’t go home for a night, an officer will breach them and take them to MYC. I’m sorry, but just because a kid doesn’t go home for a night doesn’t mean that they are no longer residing at their address.

    Sometimes, the easiest way to keep a client out of jail, is to get them off probation or off bail. More often than not (and especially with youth) probation orders and stringent bail conditions only perpetuate ‘criminal involvement’- and that’s a boom to the whole legal system, not just defence attorneys.

    1. I agree with you to some degree, B – addicts are addicts and their habits are far more pressing than the system’s requirements of them.

      But we all know that “They don’t go home for a night, an officer will breach them and take them to MYC” is a farce.

      That much was proven in the case of the kid at the wheel of the stolen SUV that killed the cabbie in 2008. 20+ breaches [or, at the least, non-compliant acts] and he was still allowed to stay out due to the fact he somehow had not established ‘a pattern of non-compliance.’

      You, naturally, would know far better than I the true vagaries of the system 😉

      1. Actually, I know of a youth who was taken to MYC for being 5 minutes late on her curfew. I kid you not. I have another youth who left her group home for an hour, and was arrested for failing to reside. Same with another one who left and was found 2 hours later visiting with her grandparents.

        The youth you refer to with his 20+ infractions we’ll refer to as Jon. Jon’s infractions were noted by his PO’s, not the police. There is a significant difference in what happens when a police officer and a probation officer thinks there is non-compliance. Police don’t give warnings on breaches like PO’s do. And while Jon had those 20+ infractions, he didn’t have a significant record in regards to major serious offences or convictions for breaching court orders. I never did get around to finding out what those infractions were exactly, though I do know his PO. The kind of infractions that are often let slide at the beginning specifically are things like calling in late for an ISSP curfew check, not answering the phone for a check (Kid might be home, just doesn’t answer phone), not going to school for a day, not going to programming for a day (Oasis, RAY, TERF, Off the Wall, whatever), missing an appointment with a PO or a substance abuse counsellor. So where a PO might tell a kid who is a half hour late for their curfew because they missed the bus “Be more careful, and get your a$$ home”, a police officer who spot checks the youth at the bus stop will say “You’re under arrest for failing to comply with a youth order,” and take the kid in.

        If a kid forgets to see his PO one week, but remembers the next, do we need to lock him up for that? Can you tell from missing a PO appointment, being late to school, and not going to an afterschool program, that the kid is going to steal a car and kill a cabbie?

        Sometimes it’s just a matter of which kids are targeted. Runaway girls, they’re held at MYC so they don’t wind up dead on the front page of the Sun. Auto-theft kids are always held for the slightest breach, gang affiliated youth same thing. PO’s aren’t fortune tellers, and most realise that institutionalizing teens is just setting them up for being lifelong criminals.

        Funny how I was always the last to know real court gossip, but was always nosing about other people’s cases… 😉

  2. Just curious, because I’ve wanted to do my own screen captures from CrimeStat and use it to underline my arguments, etc. The disclaimer going into CrimeStat, part (b), [link: is clear that without express written permission, one cannot post screen shots, copy, display, etc, etc, any content in CrimeStat. Though I did consider writing the WPS for permission, I didn’t bother as I assumed that it may take a while or could be more paperwork hassle than it would be worth. Anyway, I’m wondering, was it the hassle that I assumed it would be?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work on this blog!

    1. I suggest you contact them or a lawyer if you have concerns about the legality of what you want to do.

      And, thanks for the compliment!

      1. Thanks. Maybe I’ll do that at the end of the year, I’d really like to have some shots of a full year period for different areas, using different filter queries and such.

        One problem though is that, IMO, there are more types of crimes that should be on CrimeStat as well. For instance, I got assaulted on the Donald Street bridge (AKA Midtown Bridge) one afternoon, but because I didn’t have my wallet or anything fancy like an MP3 player on me at the time, they weren’t able to take anything – so that event I experienced didn’t make it onto CrimeStat. If they did take anything, even if just one dollar, it would be on there as a mugging… err.. I mean “Non-commercial/financial robbery.” Is it that being kicked, choked, punched and further threatened isn’t ‘at the same level’ as muggings? If I had an I-Pod taken, then it would be worthy of making CrimeStat, I guess. We need such events displayed, so people can make more informed decisions about where to avoid, etc. Would also be neat if we could filter by time of day as well.

        Actually, Policy Frog wrote a great post along these lines yesterday, but that post has disappeared today for some reason. I certainly understand why they would want to suppress the pinpointing of domestic violence incidents, but random street violence should certainly be included in my opinion.

        Again, great blog you have here. It is certainly interesting and insightful to learn of some details that are not reported in the MSM.

  3. @WinnipegReasoning

    The nature of the reporting on CrimeStat is strange, I agree.

    However, it should be noted that there’s really two versions of the system: a private one for police that is explicitly detailed and the one the public sees.

    I’m sure the horrible thing that happened to you was recorded and noted by the police.

    In fairness, I’d predict they have to limit the public CrimeStat somewhat or it would be impossible for the average Joe and Jane to navigate.

    But, they should add stabbings, seeing that knives are ‘Peg criminals #1 choice of weapon.

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