Kevin is an OxyContin addict.

He’s a father to two kids who says, after his girlfriend upped and left him because of the drugs in January, he turned to shoplifting to feed his habit.

But that’s not all he stole.

On Jan. 11, Kevin went to a SuperStore, loaded up a grocery cart with $460 worth of stuff — mostly food, diapers and baby formula — and tried to leave without paying.

He was nabbed by a loss prevention officer. He’s arrested and released on a promise to come to court.

The items were fully recovered. It’s as simple as retracing his steps in the store and replacing the items on shelves.

By Jan. 25, he and another guy had hatched a different plan to score.

Driving around in a van, they’d pull into Safeway parking lots and dispatch Kevin to the store. At the first, he stole diapers; the second, about $120 worth of razor blades.

At the third, another $140 of blades were nicked.

Problem was, The LPO at that store took down the plate of the van as it drove away. Kevin and his buddy were nabbed not long after.

The $200 or so of razor blades were recovered. It could be that you are using one to shave right now. Who knows.

Kevin’s arrested, but this time held in jail until he posts bail a few days later.

All’s quiet with Kevvie until May 18, when he goes to a home on College Avenue where the homeowner is selling puppies.

He sees one — it’s worth about $800 or more — and tells the owner, “I’ll be right back.”

He never returns.

What ever happened to the dog, no one seems to know. The homeowner ID’s Kevin from a photo mug pack shown to her by the cops.

June 15: Kevin walks into a Safeway and stuffs packs of fish fillets down his pants.

He gets in a scuffle with the LPO at that store and runs. Cops pick him up in front of Polo Park.

For all this trouble and theft, Kevin’s handed a 104 day-sentence today. He’s been in since his arrest and got 1:1 credit for the dead time.

His lawyer says Kevin believed the “dog looked sick” and he passed it off to some people he knew.

It seemed that way, to me anyways, that the dog was dead but no one wanted to say it.

It could not be replaced.

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