From the CBSA:

A Winnipeg traveller pleaded guilty yesterday in Winnipeg Provincial Court to charges of illegally importing two live iguanas from Mexico into Canada.

Emlyn Henry, 34, was sentenced to a fine of $1500 for smuggling (Customs Act violation) and importing an animal without a permit (Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act violation).

On March 26, 2009, following a flight to Winnipeg from Mazatlan, two travelers were referred for further examination by Canada Border Services officers. During the examination, the travellers were instructed to place their goods on the examination table. Thats when CBSA officers noticed an iguana sticking out from under a hat on the table.

HENRY indicated the hat was his and he had purchased the iguanas for $50 on the beach in Mexico. The iguanas were seized as HENRY failed to declare the iguanas and he did not have the proper import permits. They are now at the Assiniboine Zoo.

Charges were investigated and laid jointly by the Canada Border Services Agency and Environment Canada. Our laws are clear: travellers must truthfully declare all goods they are bringing with them into Canada, including food, plants and animals and related products from other countries as they can introduce harmful pests, viruses and diseases into Canada. Furthermore it is unlawful to import any wild animal into Canada without a permit. James Turner

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