Good ‘example-in-practice’ of some of what I talked about in my post yesterday in Saturday’s Winnipeg Free Press:

As bullets continue to fly on a regular basis, Winnipeg police have cracked a significant gun-trafficking ring and taken numerous weapons off city streets.

Court documents obtained by the Free Press show two men were arrested last week and charged with 133 total offences stemming from an ongoing investigation. More than two-dozen handguns of various makes and models are identified in the seizure.

Police have not released information about the case and would only say members of several specialty units are involved in the ongoing investigation. A request for further information was declined. No reasons for the silence were given.

…  According to court documents, police began investigating the two accused last year before making the arrests on July 16.

Robert Finlayson is now facing 75 separate counts, which include trafficking, possession and illegal transport of firearms. Adrian Lemay has 55 charges of a similar nature plus three additional drug offences.

You note the arrest and ask for info if you think it’s worth it.

The info provided by police here isn’t much. You ask for more and are either told ‘no,’ or nothing as McIntyre clearly states.

In other words: ‘You’re on your own, pal.’

Then the article appears, the cops (sometimes) get upset, and blame you, the reporter for writing it and compromising their work.

Well, what else can you do? Some would say it’s not worth it, but it its watchdog role [and with other media outlets breathing down your neck], the news, as they say, won’t wait.

You go to press with the best info you have.

The only thing I would say here is I’m not sure how the FP is able to link the two cases, as they’re separate informations and not apparently co-accused.

Obviously, the cops didn’t tell them this [or did they?] … but it’s described as a “significant gun-trafficking ring” nonetheless.

But still, police have something cooking here, clearly. Good on them for the crackdown.

Just pointing out: These two arrests were featured in yesterday’s post on the ‘what you don’t hear about’ project.  They were highlighted as part of Monday’s adult criminal docket arrests.

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