Mary George/Family Photo

Mary George, an internationally-acclaimed bestselling writer who wrote under the name Elizabeth Thornton, died July 12 after a short battle with an auto-immune disease that attacked her liver.

She was 70.

Mary and her husband, were, just up to a few months ago, my parents next-door neighbours. I also used to look after them from time to time when they would come in to the restaurant I worked at while in university.

Mary’s memorial service was Friday.

She grew up in Scotland and became an educator, eventually starting her own nursery school. When she was about 30, she moved to Canada and taught here as well.

For 11 years, she was a Pastoral Assistant at Winnipeg’s First Presbyterian Church. After 11 years, she gave it up to tackle writing full-time.

Since then, she wrote 27 historical romance novels, which underscored her love and study of history.

I didn’t know her well enough to say anything other than anytime I saw her, it was an abosolute pleasure.

She would always ask how my studies were going and seemed to always be in a good mood. I can say my mother and father were completely shocked and saddened to hear she had died.

My thoughts today are with her husband and children and their children.

She maintained a website here under her pen-name, and wikipedia also has a brief entry on her literary achievements and background.

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