The former deputy chief of the Winnipeg Police Service has an interesting post on sweeping changes to the WPS’ motto, mission statement and overarching philosophy.

Menno’s key ‘food for thought’ statement:

“Changes to an organization`s vision, mission and values are usually a precursor to the development and unveiling of a comprehensive strategic plan.  Such a plan would generally include goals, strategies and measurable performance indicators.  It is not known if the Winnipeg Police Service  developed strategies and performance indicators.  If they have not, then the vision and mission statements are essentially meaningless.”

Side note: I find it amusing that the WPS – known for stolid secrecy and being tight-lipped at the best of times – is having their top-level, non-tactical operational plans leaked on the internet by a former high-ranking employee.

Too bad the force can’t be a little more forthcoming about their non-tactical plans. Seems like it would save them some embarrassment.

No one can reasonably expect them to dish on ongoing criminal or internal investigations, but stuff like this? What’s the harm of including the public a bit?

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