As referenced my post from earlier today – about the plans from CentreVenure for a “four district model” of a revitalized downtown – the agency (and therefore the city) finally makes a tacit admission that selling booze out of vendors at hotels on Garry Street at 9 a.m. has had an impact.

From CBC News:

” The city said a key part of the proposal will be addressing safety and “public comfort” by developing a public safety plan for the four districts and working with the provincial government to “resolve the impact” beverage rooms and a handful of low-rent hotels have on the area.

Many business owners on north Portage have complained about public intoxication, vagrancy and panhandling that accompanies the sale of liquor in the area.”

Good to hear at least the problem isn’t being totally ignored. It’s a miserable one. Office workers on Garry have told me about the hassles just getting into work in the morning.

You step outside for fresh air at your own risk…

Thanks to all who wrote in with comments on Facebook and here at the blog.

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