Just wanted to point out there’s a new blog in town.

Everyone in the Winnipeg media reads The Black Rod blog. It’s good for a laugh and more often than not actually thought-provoking in a bizarre ‘thought experiment’ kind of way.

But I don’t know who will read Black Rod’s new competitor. Although he/she/it claims to be an NDP insider – which would be cool in a lot of ways –  the poor grammar, horrible spelling and reactive premise makes me think it’s just another poor, lonely soul out there in internet land.

Besides, it took 5 years for this he/she/it to realize that it may be a good idea to try and refute/balance/poke fun at Black Rod?

The newest post claims to educate people on the 15 awesome things about the NDP government that they have achieved during their decade of power.

Now, as much as I feel those things are great, what about the truth untold?

  • People expressing how afraid they are to leave their homes or go downtown or God forbid, wait for a bus at night.
  • Winnipeg perpetually being the Homicide/Stolen car/Kidnapping/Stabbing/Child Poverty capital of Canada? And I’m probably leaving out a few.
  • The overtaxed and burnt out justice system.
  • Crumbling rural and city infrastructure
  • Forcing the city to pay mega-millions for wastewater upgrades that it can’t afford on its own.
  • The photo-radar ‘public safety’ scam.
  • The overtaxed and overburdened child-welfare system.

Orange Rod’s got a long way to go. But I wish it/him/her well.

But I will weigh in on the Marty Gold-Black Rod supposed connection: It strikes me as being totally suspicious that the topics covered on the radio talk show Marty hosts often wind up on the Black Rod in more [often excruciating and anonymous] detail.

But that is not proof. Only happenstance and conjecture.

God save the Queen.

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