So, in a small community in Manitoba, as many as five men allegedly drug and gang rape a 14-year-old girl and then escape in a stolen jeep.

And the RCMP say nothing. Kudos to CTV’s Stacy Ashley for asking the following question:

CTV News asked RCMP Sergeant Line Karpish why the public wasn’t informed about the attack.

“Unless there is a threat to the greater public, we tend not to make those events public,” she said.

Again, five guys are said to drug and gang rape a girl and escape in a jeep – and are still at large – and the RCMP choose to say nothing.

I would like to say this isn’t typical of the federal police force, but it is.

How safe would you feel?

And, while this is going on, the D Division assistant commish – Bill Robinson – is getting set to hold a rare newser today about the inroads RCMP are making with immigrant communities. An official invite on RCMP letterhead was sent out Monday.

Personally, I’d rather hear Robinson talk about the RCMP strategy to reduce crime in contract policing locations in rural Manitoba; offer a real update on the work of the invisible Missing and Murdered Women task force; or how Mounties are working to stymie the practices of gangs on reserves.

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